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First Aid Balm

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Product Description

This ointment contains a powerful combination of healing herbal extracts and essential oils added for their anti-bacterial properties. These are combined in a base of luxury oils and butters known for their skin nourishing properties. Finally benzoin tincture and natural vitamin E oil are added for their all-natural preservative properties.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Natural Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Comfrey Rt (C.O.), Chamomile (C.O.), Plantain (C.O.), Calendula (W.C.), Chickweed (W.C.), St. Johns Wort (W.C.), Shepherds Purse (C.O.), Yarrow (C.O.) Benzoin tincture, Vitamin E, Essential Oils of Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender.

(C.O. – Certified Organic, W.C. – Wildcrafted)


9 reviews for First Aid Balm

  1. 5 out of 5


    Let me tell you when I started using turtle balm. I had mine for awhile but hadn’t used it much. It was a gift from my sister. But then my niece fell in the church parking lot and got ‘road rash’ on her face. She was pretty banged up. My sister applied the turtle balm multiple times a day. By the following Sunday there wasn’t a sign of the injury, except a small scar on her lip. She continued to use it and that is now almost not detectable.

    So I started using it regularly for any scrape. But sometimes I forget.

    This summer my son had a horrible sunburn. I had used aloe gel from the store with no improvement. It actually blistered, and I used real aloe off the plant. It blistered again and scabbed. I was pretty worried about it and thought to use some turtle balm. I generously used turtle balm on it. The next morning I couldn’t believe it when all the scabs had fallen off. I continued to use it several days. And there is no detection of the sores. I wish I had thought to use it the first day of the burn. I have ordered two bottles for friends. And two for myself. I don’t want to run out of it again.
    Happy patron,
    Chris L.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I was first introduced to Turtlebalm in 2008. At the time I had problems with adult acne and had been battling acne for at least 10 years. I discovered that my skin care regimen and my diet was directly influencing the condition of my skin. I discovered that my skin had a certain PH level with a protective layer of oil and that when I washed my face with harsh acne fighting soaps, scrubs and astringents that I was only perpetuating the problem. I started to wash with a mild face soap that was all natural and free from chemicals and perfumes. I also learned to use warm water instead of hot and to use Turtlebalm as a face moisturizer.

    I also used Turtlebalm to treat, burns,scrapes or acne sores. These methods combined with developing a healthy clean eating habit free from processed foods, chemicals and pesticides all supported my skin to heal from acne, I also look younger as the skin on my face is tighter.

    I am very thankful to have found Turtlebalm as it saves me so much money. I used to buy hundreds of dollars worth of face products and still nothing worked. Thanks, Misty for the amazing product everyone in my house uses it. My teenage son cured his face acne and my husband cured his back acne. Not to mention the sun burns and scrapes that are now only distant memories because this product helped us heal magnificently. I have even used Turtlebalm as a way to treat damaged dry split ends in my hair. I am currently pregnant and I will be using this product in case of diaper rash as I know it is gentle and safe. Thanks again for such a great product at such an economical price. 😀

  3. 5 out of 5


    Sorry it’s taken me so long to thank you for sending me the first aid balm. We were on vacation and it was here when we returned. This salve is my security blanket for many hangnails, scratches and itchy things. It’s my first approach to things that hurt. I’m very happy to have it again.

  4. 5 out of 5


    First Aid Balm-my first line of defense. Dogs hot spots, burns from cooking and ironing, painful hangnails, a wound on my little dog the vet said might never close up-all soothed and/or healed with First Aid Balm, my medical security blanket for all ouchies. Thanks to my dear daughter, Leah Rowe, for giving me my first jar.

    Mim Westerdale

  5. 5 out of 5


    We love, love, love Turtle Balm. It assists in healing a variety of things. Here is a short list of things we’ve used it on, for faster healing:

    cracked feet and hands

    pierced ears

    diabetic injections sites


    cuts and scrapes

    chapped hands and lips


    I’m sure there are other things we haven’t discovered yet, so I always keep a small jar in my purse!

  6. 5 out of 5


    I very highly recommend Turtlebalm First Aid Balm to anyone with dry skin or skin healing concerns. I always have some first aid balm on my bathroom counter and in my first aid kit.

    This Turtlebalm First Aid Balm saved my son’s delicate and sensitive baby skin when he was born with ongoing, extremely bad eczema. The first aid balm was the only thing that worked to soothe the itching, peeling, painful, brittle dry spots all over my son’s body. I used the balm all over his skin religiously, and not only did it soothe, but ended up healing his eczema completely..something dermatologist visits and multiple various prescription ointments were expensively unable to accomplish for him.

    I also used Turtlebalm First Aid Balm for myself on stitches after surgery. The balm kept my skin around the stitches from getting dried out & infection free so I didn’t have any scarring. I also had the extra benefit of very minimal after-surgery bruising due to the yarrow herb in the balm that minimizes bleeding (not to mention the moisturizing & healing oils, the antiseptic & astringent properties, etc. of all the herbs that are strategically & brilliantly combined). Even the doctors were surprised with how quick and perfectly healed the area became.

    Currently my newly discovered love-affair with the Turtlebalm First Aid Balm is slathering the balm all over my clean, filed feet then putting on wool socks (with boots during the fall/winter & at bedtime during the summer) and having smooth, baby soft feet the very next day..I am in love love love!!!!

  7. 5 out of 5


    We love it! This stuff is great for any scraps and bruises, and I use it often on chapped lips and skin. I like it much better than regular chap stick – it stays moist for longer, and heals quicker. I’ve tried out lots of lotions for my hands, including cocoa butter, herbal lotions, etc, and this ointment heals my split fingertips a lot better.

  8. 5 out of 5


    What can’t this be used for!!! I love this product it is something we always have in our home. When my children were little it was always in my diaper bag. I used it for diaper rash. I have never used a better diaper rash cream. We also use it for cuts and scrapes. My kids know to clean their “owie” out then put on first aid balm and then a band aid. Last summer my son got a horrible sunburn so on half his back I put first aid balm the other what the doctor recommended, two days later I threw away the stuff the doctor gave us because the balm side was almost healed. Thanks for a terrific product!!

  9. 5 out of 5


    I have 4 dogs that have allergies and this is the best product I have found that works on hot spots and skin irritations on our dogs. I see results in less than 24 hours . We love this and will only use this product from now on. I highly reccomend this.

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